Reception and Information Service (S.A.I.)


Reception and Information Service is an information desk which gives advice on the main disability-related themes – facilities, legislative records, work, schools, exc.

SAI is addressed to parents; relatives and trustee/legal guardians of mentally/relationally disabled people, also Anffas members; institutions; schools; businesses and privates in need of information about disability-related challenges.

Along with S.A.I., we want to meet the families’ need to have a dedicated information and guideline center. It offers:

  • Advice and assistance in relational, affective, educational and social life fields related to the presence of a disabled person;
  • Information and investigation about the laws that regulate the gaining and the protection of rights – disability identification, school and work inclusion, social-health accessibility, tax relief, barrier-free structures, etc;
  • Clear information about the figure of the Trustee – assistance in the appeal request, support in the yearly report, etc;
  • Support in the connection with local institutions, towns, Hospitals, local community realities.

Its main target is to guide families to choose the best support, rehab and inclusion program based on their needs.

Desk Referent Mrs. SARA ROVEDA from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. by calling 0385/48713 or sending an email to