Inheritance and Donations


To write a will is not only a protection for our partner, children and grandchildren. In it, you can also support the projects and activities offered by Anffas Onlus Broni Stradella. This action will testify your social engagement and will help us build and support the creation our services.

What can we leave?
You can entail money, real estates or other sorts of assets.

Who can write a will?
Writing a will is one of the most important deeds of life, that’s why is helpful to ask a professional advice from a Notary. Whoever became of age and was competent to stand trial can write a will and next edit it in any moment.

Are there other ways to support Anffas?
You can also leave to Anffas Onlus Broni Stradella a life insurance policy, by communicating your decision to the insurance company or declaring it in your testament.

Thank you in advance for all you shall do!