Social-Health Communities


Anffas Onlus Broni Stradella manages two Social-Health Communities in Broni and Stradella. Each of them has 10 bed places and the structures went completally restored thanks to citizens’ contribution to our Association, collected in these almost 40 years of activity.

Welcoming into Community is addressed to that people who suffer a disability situation and don’t have any family assistance, because of their parents’ deceased and/or have no other relative available on taking care of them.

 Social-Health Communities are actual houses where everyone takes part in the community home life, improving individual skills and autonomy. The aim of these Communities is to organize activities that give the highest social-inclusion and trigger socializing and integration into city life, always preserving everyone’s habits.

Social-Health Communities are credited by Lombardy Region.

Social-Health Community in Broni
Social-Health Community in Stradella