Companies and Foundations


For Anffas, cooperation with companies is fundamental to spread a culture of solidarity and to share our goals. At Anffas we work to clearly communicate how we use the funds we receive, in order to create enduring high-performance partnerships.

Donations give a significant contribution and support to our everyday work of implementing the rights of disabled people, as well as our specific activities and projects – which need to be completely or partially sponsored.

We invite the companies to get in touch with Anffas Onlus Broni Stradella in order to find together the best collaboration to undertake.

We remind you that your contributions to ANFFAS are tax deductible.

How to get deduction
Contributions must be payed by bank transfer, bank draft or credit card, linking the payment file to your own tax return – e.g. bank statement. Deduction is not allowed for cash contributions.