Anffas Onlus (National Association of Families of People with Intellectual and/or Relational Disabilities) aims at protecting the civil rights of intellectually/relationally disabled people and their families, sensitising and ensuring the process of social integration.

Since 1958 for love, with principles.

ANFFAS Onlus is nowadays one of the most prominent Italian non-profit associations, due to its widespread presence on national territory –  there are 169 local associations, 16 region institutions, 48 independent bodies.

Anffas is a non-profit organization implementing solidarity and social promotion into healthcare, social, social-health, social-assistance, socio-educational, working-inclusion, sports, education, charity, human and civil rights fields, mostly caring about mentally and/or relationally disabled people and their families.

ANFFAS Onlus acts according to fundamental rights as equality, neutrality, right to choose, continuance, attendance, performance and potency, building out a strong and concrete base for developing a customized life project for every individual in the whole respect of their virtues.